Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3.04 - Polyatomic Ions - 14:06

KEY TERMS: 2 or more non-metals, Nick the Camel ate a Clam for Supper in Phoenix, "ate" ending

Underlined letter represents the atom
# of consonants = # of oxygens
# of vowels = # of negative charges associated with polyatomic
Ending is "ate" - except for ammonium ion and hydroxide ion

5 Step Cross over rule:
- Remember that polyatomic has brackets and the charge is written outside of the brackets
- remove brackets when the number outside of the brackets is a "1"javascript:void(0)


Zaphnia said...

I love Nick the Camel!!!! I would get so stressed about memorizing these polyatomic ions but now I just think of Nick and his clam and supper and I figure it out!!! Woot!! Thanks for posting this!!!

Anonymous said...

man your abgenius
could you find something
out about how to memorize the transition metals charges
again man you helped me get a 9 in chemistry thx ur a genius